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Cervical Spine Care


What is Causing your:


Shoulder pain

Tennis elbow

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Lumbar Spine Care


Lumbar spine pain can be debilitating. Most people will experience it at some point.  Some people will take OTC or prescription medications and wait until the pain goes away.


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Extremity Care


Hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder, arm or wrist pain. Are you taking your pain seriously? We will... avoid becoming a statistic.


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Cervical Spine Care







These symptoms, when felt in the shoulder, arm, hand or fingers may be pointing to a problem in your neck...


There are 7 cervical vertebrae and 8 cervical nerves that exit between the vertebrae.


The nerves from the lower part of your neck (the brachial plexus) control your shoulder, arm, hand and fingers.


Bone degeneration


Disc herniation

Disc degeneration

Facet arthritis












Any of the above problems can be involved in your condition.


Subluxation is a term that chiropractors use when talking about problems with your spine that cause or accelerate the above conditions.


Accidents, injuries and day to day postural problems can cause the these problems.


If you already have a condition listed above, chiropracitc proceedures can be extremely helpful even when other methods or procedures have failed.

Lumbar Spine Care


Chiropractic is a powerful tool to get your life and movement back....


1) Reduce local restrictions of the spinal segments


2) Reduce inflammation of injured tissues


3) Improve the local and central transmission of neural impulses.












There are 5 lumbar vertebrae and 5 lumbar nerves that exit between the vertebrae.


The nerves from the low back control your hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet.


Interference to the nerves controling these areas typically start long before you notice sypmtoms.


Nerve interference can be caused by any of these conditions of your spine.


Bone degeneration


Disc herniation

Disc degeneration

Facet arthritis


Extremity Care


Pushing off the pain with medications until you can get surgery is one option, but not the best. We have helped people who thought that surgery was inevitable. We've helped people who have already had surgery but failed to get the relief they expected. 


It may surprise you to know that many of the problems with your extremities, your knees and shoulders etc., begin in your low back and neck.










Picture your nerve coming out between two vertebra. Just like in the condition Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a nerve can become irritated, inflammed or inefficient because of pressure or inflammation of the surrounding tissue. Whatever is under the control of that nerve impulse will eventually malfunction and eventually become symptomatic.










Much of the time this process happens over a period of months or years.


Chiropractors are trained to assess and treat these exact types of problems. The importance of getting to the cause of your problem is critical to getting the correct results you are looking for.

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