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About Your Care

Combining Nutrition, Homeopathic & Chiropractic Care for You!

You Are Unique!

I understand that you are unique and that your health care needs are different from your friends, neighbors and your family.


Every patient at TNH receives unique care that is different and individual to your specific needs.


With this understanding I have integrated the different and unique approaches of chiropractic spinal care, the acupunture system, homeopathy, herbs and nutrition utilizing Applied Kinesiology (AK).


What is AK?

Applied Kinesiology is the testing of muscles and the observation of how muscles become weakened or strengthened by certain stimuli.  The stimulus can be anything that your body perceives by its normal sensory functions such as touch, taste, smell, hearing and vision. 


Example I

One example would be checking muscle function with your head turned in different directions, When your head turns, signals from your deep ear and neck muscles feed information to your brain and back to the entire body. This output can be checked by testing changes in your postural muscles.


Example II

Another example would be to observe how a normally strong muscle reacts when tasting something in your diet. Perhaps your muscle would stay strong when tasting an almond but weaken when tasting a cashew. This would be interpreted as okay for you  to eat almonds but not cashews.

Some things in our environment can’t be perceived as easily as tasting something.

Blue light and electromagnetic pollution can’t be perceived like other things can but are just as real and can be tested.

Applied Kinesiology is just like many things in life and depend upon the skill, experience and knowledge of the person using this technique. This is just one tool that the doctor can use and should not be used without the context of a person’s health history. Other tests like labs or imaging may be required depending on the circumstances at hand.

Patient Review

Dr. Steve Kellenberger has been my doctor for many years. He's able to adjust my neck and back as no other practitioner has. He is personable, skilled, accurate and thorough in his assessments of what type of adjustments I've needed.

I've also consulted Dr. Steve for my body's nutritional needs. He does this through testing and re-testing, demonstrating to me the value of taking the supplements he's recommended for me. He has helped me tremendously in this area, too. My health has greatly improved under his care.

He is very knowledgeable about the human body and he does much research in natural treatments and supplementation.

I would highly recommend Dr. Steve to you as an excellent Chiropractor and nutritional expert.


Sherry B.

Patient Review

I am more than happy to write a glowing review and recommendation for Dr. Steve. Our whole family has seen him for 14 years. He has adjusted our newborn babies, nursed us all back to health, kept us strong and in good health with routine visits and even treated our parents for out of the norm issues like taste buds!


I would give Dr. Steve a 10 out of 10 in every area of his care, because, he truly cares for his patients. And he has the years of experience and thorough nature to back it up. He goes far and beyond the normal visit to make sure that he has covered all possible symptoms and topics for each person.


Kids and adults love him as he’s a Dad, and a great Doctor. He encouraged my little daughter to bring her favorite stuffed animal when she was a little hesitant to have him help with her allergies and talked to the animal throughout the visits. Who does that! She loved it, and never hesitated again.


He has helped us with homeopathic vitamins for years, that have changed the whole immune system in our household. And he has sent texts, just to be sure we got what we needed.


Texas is lucky to have gotten Dr. Steve!



Karen S.

Patient of 14 years, Chicago

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