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Steve Kellenberger, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic
Applied Kinesiologist

Dr. Kellenberger himself was first a Chiropractic patient. At the approximate age of 12, Dr. Kellenberger was suffering with stomach pain and nausea. When his father, a chiropractic physician, arrived home and saw this, he suggested a spinal adjustment. After the adjustment, Dr. Kellenberger immediately felt relief like their was never a problem. (Lucky to have a chiropractor for a father.)


Dr. Kellenberger was influenced by his father, Dr. Ernest Kellenberger and uncle, Dr. John Kellenberger who are chiropractors. Another uncle, Charlie Kellenberger was the owner of several health food stores where Dr. Kellenberger worked while in high school and college. These approaches to health were a "natural" fit for Dr. Kellenberger.


Dr. Kellenberger saw the need for more "organic" solutions to our personal health than the widely available pharmaceutical approach. Dr. Kellenberger carries the torch of chiropractic, nutrition and homeopathy to meet your personal health challenges. 


Dr. Kellenberger graduated from Parker University in Dallas Texas in 1992 and joined the family chiropractic practice in Elgin Illinois. He practiced there for 22 years. He and his wife Amy moved to Fort Worth in 2014.  Dr. Kellenberger then joined Arlington Holistic Health.  In 2019, he opened Texas Natural Healthcare in the Keller - Fort Worth area.

Dr. Kellenberger and his wife Amy have four daughters and one son.

They have a strong christian faith and attend Gateway Church in Southlake and North Fort Worth.


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Texas Natural Healthcare  (2nd Floor)

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9500 Ray White Rd.                            (833) 333--4375

Suite 200  (2nd Floor)                         (833) 333--4DrK

Fort Worth TX.  76244

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